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Sprinkler and Irrigation System Inspection

Sprinkler systems are prone to leaks and their failures can lead to high water bills and potential damage to your property. Common problems identified during the sprinkler and irrigation system inspection include:


• Broken, clogged, or missing sprinkler heads
• Sunken heads that have dipped below ground
• Heads that are slanted and not vertical
• High or low pressure
• Overspray
• Dry Spots or wet spots on your lawn
• Leaking sprinkler lines
• Controller failure
• System failure

*Note: Due to our climate in the Treasure Valley, the ground typically freezes each winter, from mid-
November to early-April. Therefore, most sprinkler systems are blown out and winterized during those
months, making them unavailable for operation for inspection. Therefore, most sprinkler systems are
tested and inspected only during the warmer months, when they’re fully operational.

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